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International World Sport Tour

We are a sports company dedicated to the representation of athletes, sports consulting, soccer immersion, personalized trips, business training, etc.

We have a human staff with broad experience in the world of sports, ranging from professional managers of sports entities to sports technicians, legal-economic advisers, doctors, and physiotherapists.

With our headquarters in Madrid, we aim to offer the best service to our clients through comprehensive sports advice based on trust.

Also, we collaborate with large companies in the world of sports that provide everything necessary for the comprehensive realization of our work.

Comprhensive advise

Athletes representation


At IW Sport Tour, we base our relationship on mutual trust with the athlete, which leads us to a practical idea based on values that allow comprehensive advice. Our service comprises everything the athlete needs, whether at a sports, legal or human level, to provide a complete service.

We believe in joint growth from base to success in professional sports.

We also carry out intermediation at a national or international level with the authorized FIFA clubs or agents that need our participation.

Club organization and management

Sports consulting

We offer this service to clubs, schools, and academies of professional and youth teams, both nationally and internationally.

We analyze various aspects of a sports organization or club. We plan all the activities, organize and program a specific plan, put it into practice, and finally supervise it to achieve the stated goals.

Club organization

  • Organization chart
  • Bookkeeping
  • Human resources

Marketing and publicity

  • Better Brand visibility
  • Business objectives
  • Privileged relationship with industry
  • Associate your image with a brand that shares the same values

Training methodology

  • Tactical part
  • Technical part
  • Physical preparation part
  • Psychological part
Soccer and human training

Soccer academies


IWSPORT, through its methodology or that of 1st Spanish division clubs, creates Soccer Shools or Academies, both in Spain and abroad.

The idea roots in boosting the capacities of children and youngsters, to give them comprehensive training as human beings and athletes.

In this way, we propose an open school where participation, fun, and sports development are its foundations.

The goals we pursue are, above all, educational, academic, and recreational. We encourage and enable physical, sports, and social growth, as well as a comprehensive and balanced education for each athlete.

We strive for a top-rate soccer training, through a comprehensive education methodology, with the adequate professional capacity of the people responsible.

This comprehensive methodology, present in the best soccer academies, implies a combination and connection between different types of workload. But what differentiates this methodology is the importance of technique and tactics.

Introducing all these aspects with a high transfer to the real game supposes a more significant motivational stimulus for the soccer player. Finally, we integrate mutually-complementary skills to enhance decision-making in the soccer player's teaching and learning process.

Player opportunities


Agreement with several international companies for the integral fulfillment of the players' stay in Spain. Bringing international players and guiding them in every detail, from socializing to finding equipment, accommodation, food, training, and visa permit.

We work with relevant Spanish first and second division clubs, and large international companies or agencies.

We have agreements with student halls of residence, training centers, soccer clubs and academies to be able to carry out the entire stay throughout an academic year.

Possibility of combining academic studies and soccer. Program objectives:

  • Improve the individual technical, tactical, physical, and mental abilities of the player
  • Understand and assimilate European common tactics and dynamics effectively
  • Group training in behavior and sports discipline of Spanish professional teams
  • Learn how to play intelligently and concentrated
  • Acquire the necessary rhythm and intensity of the high-level European game

Athletes get used to training and competing in Spain, where the most prestigious FIFA leagues are played.

  • One year stay in Spain (Madrid) under the direction of the technicians of the company International World Sport Tour at UEFA PRO level
  • Incorporation in our official teams, playing the matches of the official league competition
  • Attendance in Madrid at an International College or similar with the possibility of validating university credits from the country of origin
  • Plan of supervised activities to get to know the culture, history, towns, and cities of Spain
  • Integration with groups of Spanish people of the same age to acquire the experience of new horizons
Combining studies and soccer


We make trips for groups and companions of clubs, academies, or schools around the world willing to come to Spain to enjoy its soccer and culture.

We offer several models in our travel program:

  • Sports Trip (during the stay, there will be training sessions and matches against 1st and 2nd division Spanish base teams)
  • Tournaments Trip (during the stay, athletes will train and compete in international soccer tournaments)
  • Cultural and Sports Trip (athletes will visit the city of Madrid, the Bernabéu and Wanda Metropolitano stadiums, the soccer Ciudad del Futbol in las Rozas, the sports facilities of Ciudad deportiva of Valdebebas and Ciudad deportiva of Wanda. They will also have the possibility to attend training sessions and soccer league matches of 1st and 2nd division professional teams)
  • Personalized Trip (Design your trip)

What our program includes:

  • Stay in Spain for 8, 10, or 15 days
  • Hotel accommodation *** or similar with full board, subject to availability
  • Bus available
  • Medical insurance
  • Training program the days the stay is in Madrid, with UEFA PRO-level coaches
  • Bernabéu or Wanda tour
  • Field trip to the Ciudad del Futbol of the Spanish Soccer Federation
  • Sightseeing Prado Museum, Puerta del Sol, and Theme Parks
  • Technical, tactical, and physical clinic courses for assistant coaches given by UEFA PRO technicians

The offer of international soccer tournaments is different depending on the date chosen for the trip:

  • Easter
  • Summer
  • Christmas
  • Any time year-round, customizing a tournament
Profit business


We have the best professionals in the themes we cover and the necessary material resources. We aim to help our clients to make their business profitable by developing and enhancing the capabilities of their teams. We offer:

  • Effective communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • English
  • First aid
  • Chikung (meditation in movement)
  • Team building in the company and/or sports facilities
  • Laughter therapy
  • Self-defense


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